OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung, Mimi And YooA Talk About Their Future Goals As Artists

They’re determined to carve their own path.

In an interview with StyleCaster, the OH MY GIRL members answered various questions about their latest album, Dear OHMYGIRL, and future plans for the group.

Their 8th mini-album, Dear OHMYGIRL, was released earlier this month, on May 10. In the interview, the members touched upon their favorite tracks off the album, how they felt the title track “Dun Dun Dance” represented them as a group, and what they’d like to accomplish in the future.

Here are Hyojung, Mimi and YooA‘s future goals!

Hyojung would like for the group to develop an iconic sound–which, honestly, they’re on their way to doing!

I want to invent an ‘Oh My Girl’ genre! It is my dream to hear people describe our music as ‘Oh My Girlish.’


Hyojung. | WM Entertainment.

As for Mimi, she has both personal goals and goals for the group. Personally, she would like to find and develop her own style.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve definitely found my own style yet, so I’d like to find my own style. I want to find music that I like and become better at.

Mimi. | WM Entertainment.

When it comes to the group’s goals, she wants to be able to go on a world tour!

As for the group, I want our music to reach a wider audience around the world. There are many countries that we haven’t been able to visit, and I really want to show our performance to Miracle [their fanbase] around the world!


YooA felt a little embarrassed talking about achievements, as she feels like this is only just the beginning for OH MY GIRL.

It’s a little embarrassing to talk about achievement at this stage. We’ve become a group receiving lots of love but I always keep in mind that this is just the beginning!


YooA. | WM Entertainment.

However, she’s determined and passionate, and she knows that the group has untapped potential.

I think Oh My Girl has so much more to show in the future! We’d like to constantly work hard as an artist and establish our unique style, becoming a pioneer with our own path as Oh My Girl.


| WM Entertainment.

You can watch the music video for OH MY GIRL’s latest title track, “Dun Dun Dance,” below!

Source: StyleCaster


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