OH MY GIRL’s Yooa Takes The Stage For “Bon Voyage” And Shares Her Goals For Herself

She looks ethereal.

OH MY GIRL‘s Yooa recently made her solo debut with her album Bon Voyage. She is the first out of the group to make a solo debut since their debut 5 years ago.

| Joongang Ilbo

At her debut showcase this morning, Yooa first performed her song for an audience and shared her goals for herself as an individual artist.

Yooa expressed that she was so nervous the night before that she was unable to fall asleep. It took her a lot of courage to come out as a solo singer. When the company first suggested it to her, she initially rejected it!

| Joongang Ilbo

The members also gave her lots of encouragement and sent her positive messages, allowing her to find her passion for the stage and take up the courage.

Bon Voyage to her means her first travel. She tried to encapsulate the feeling of leaving on a journey through the song, choreography, and the cinematics of the music video. She shared that the largest difference between her solo song and OH MY GIRL’s music is that she was able to show more of her individualism here naturally and take a larger role in helping to produce and plan the album.

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Yooa hopes to do well enough so as not to harm her team. She’s set idealistic goals for herself, as she wants to become a “sagi-kae“. The Korean term means someone who is so perfect in every aspect, they are basically like a fraud – a golden girl!

Yooa aims to show more sides to her than simply just the main dancer of OH MY GIRL. She hopes that Bon Voyage will be the first step to letting people see more of her.

Bon Voyage drops as a whole album on music sites today, September 7 at 6pm KST. Listen to the highlight medley below!

Source: Sports Seoul and Joogang Ilbo