OMEGA X CEO Kang Coerced The Members Into Drinking By Threatening Them With Withholding Their Album

CEO Kang also pressured them into drinking on her behalf.

OMEGA X held a press conference on November 16, 2022, to make their official stance against Spire Entertainment and CEO Kang. It was previously revealed that CEO Kang had verbally and physically abused the members.

Guys, I was waiting outside for the Uber Eats I ordered and saw the company CEO hitting the members. I didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me, but I couldn’t do anything.

— @hwi_418/Twitter

During the press conference, the members revealed the threats they had received from the CEO, involving pressure to drink and more. According to the members, CEO Kang would pressure them to take drinks on her behalf.

Many such incidents have popped up at drinking gatherings. If we drank on her behalf (black knight), we would get presents, but if we didn’t, CEO Kang would either glare at us or treat us coldly. There were many such undercurrents.

— Hangyeom

| Star News

What was more, CEO Kang also threatened them with withholding their next album.

She even said that if we refused to attend drinking gatherings, there would be no next album.

— Sebin

Despite all of this, the members vowed to take a strong stance and speak up. Their courage comes from a wish to protect the band and their fans.

We received unfair treatment during our active period. We held it out for fear that we would lose our dreams, but we made the call that we could no longer do so. This has caused us not to be able to achieve our goals, and we vowed to speak up. In the future, we will not give up as we wish to protect the fans and members as much as we have come this far.

— Jaehan

CEO Kang has already stepped down from her position, and Spire Entertainment made a public apology, but it seems like things will not end here. Stay tuned for more news on the case.

Source: Star News

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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