OMEGA X Are Now Completely Free From Spire Entertainment — Contracts Have Been Terminated

They are now completely free from Spire.

OMEGA X and Spire Entertainment have officially terminated their contracts between each other.

An official representing OMEGA X told media outlet Newsen that Spire Entertainment and OMEGA X have mutually agreed to terminate their contract together.

After a series of careful and lengthy discussions with the former agency Spire Entertainment, we have agreed to terminate the exclusive contract between the two parties in a smooth fashion.

As a result, we have decided to end all disputes with the former agency, Spire Entertainment, and it has been decided that each party will work to help develop K-Pop in our respective positions.

We sincerely thank the many people who worried about us and trusted us. In the future, OMEGA X plans to continue their activities with their managers who have worked with the group for a long time, since their debut.

We will come back with better music and growth.

Please give a lot of support to OMEGA X, who is making their new leap forward.


Back in November, it was revealed that Spire Entertainment was mistreating the OMEGA X members. Following a series of more revelations, CEO Kang resigned from her position. In January 2023, it was shared that OMEGA X had won their lawsuit against Spire Entertainment, suspending their contract.

OMEGA X Wins Lawsuit Against Spire Entertainment — Contracts Have Been Suspended

Source: Newsen

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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