OMEGA X Update Fans After Spire Entertainment CEO Resigns Following Abuse Of Members

It’s their first update since her resignation.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying and graphic content that may disturb some readers.

OMEGA X‘s shared a new update regarding their current situation.

OMEGA X | Spire Entertainment

Previously, OMEGA X’s company Spire Entertainment‘s CEO, Kang Seong Hee, was caught verbally, mentally, and physically abusing the members following the conclusion of their2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up]. Even up to their final concert in L.A., the CEO was also fraught with issues.

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As OMEGA X were seemingly on yet another social media ban, the members recently created a new Instagram account to communicate about the recent situation with FOR X (OMEGA X’s fandom). It appears that members have made the account regardless of the memorandum they signed that stated they would have to take “civil and criminal responsibility if uploading to social media without the agency’s consent.”

They even used fan-created hashtags intended to help spread awareness of the abuse that OMEGA X has faced at the hands of the company. Spire Entertainment had recently created a new Instagram account as well.

Hello. We created this small communication space to convey the current situation regarding the issues that have happened to us and to thank the fans who love and support us. According to Spire Entertainment, we have all signed a memorandum stating that we will take civil and criminal responsibility if uploading to SNS without consulting the company. We ask for your understanding that although we wanted to communicate with the fans as soon as possible, we had to be very cautious.

We have had happy times since our group activities but also had to endure some painful times. When our situation became known to the public, we were worried that what we had achieved so far would be in vain. But now we have put our fears behind us and decided to be brave.

The eleven members have decided to get back up and not give up on our dreams and take this as our second opportunity. The driving force that allowed us to challenge ourselves and stick to our plans was the fans who waited, believed, and supported us. It was because of our fans that we were able to survive two years.

Although there were days when we wanted to cry because the agency was mistreating us, remembering our fans’ shouts and reading your messages before going to sleep was the only strength that kept us going.

From now on, we will continue moving forward toward our dreams as we always have. We will stand in front of our fans again with good music and performances. The eleven members have the same goal, and the fans have the same dreams as us, and it is something that is the most precious to us that we don’t want to lose again.

We apologize for the delay, and we know that many people have been worrying and waiting for us. Thank you for reading the truth that we took the courage to post. Thank you. From OX. #오메가엑스 #OMEGAX #PROTECTOMEGAX


Since then, Kang finally issued an apology and resigned from her position as CEO of Spire Entertainment. The company released the statement. Still, there’s doubt regarding the authenticity of the resignation.

Hello. This is Spire Entertainment. More than anything, we bow our heads in apology to the fans who have treasured the OMEGA X members, as well as the members themselves and their parents, who were hurt by this matter.

We also sincerely apologize for disappointing everyone by letting the unfortunate matter happen, as well as for the inadequate way that the company has been dealing with it up to now.

Spire Entertainment will bear the responsibility for everything regarding this matter. In addition, the CEO that caused the unfortunate incidents on tour has resigned from the company voluntarily.

In the future, the company will not shy away from but take into account all the criticism and advice we have received during this time and do our best to solve matters, making sure such things do not happen again.

In addition, we will do all that is in our power to prevent the members of OMEGA X from experiencing such unfortunate matters again and to create a better environment for them to focus on their activities as an artist as we continue to converse with the members.

Thank you

— Spire Entertainment

CEO Kang | @sunghee_kang_/Instagram

Now, OMEGA X has finally posted an additional update regarding the current situation. They apologized for not frequently updating (prior to the Spire Entertainment abuse scandal, they posted daily on social media). Yet, they promised not to back down and one day meet with FOR X again.

How is our FOR Xs doing? I’m sorry that I’m not able to share news daily like before. I miss those times so much. It may take some time, but we will protect OMEGA X and FOR X with the same heart and will. We won’t back down as we have built up the courage.

No matter what happens, we will do our best to stand on stage again in a good environment and image. We want to meet our fans who believe and support us until the end with a smile. FOR X we love you.



Recently, OMEGA X’s Taedong also shared a birthday post, including his childhood photo, with a message for FOR X.

Hello! It’s Taedong.
This year’s birthday will be an unforgettable day for me.
Whenever I fell down and wanted to sit down, it was the presence of ‘For X’ who always helped me up. And I was able to keep smiling because the members are not different from my family.
Thank you so much for your support and congratulations.
I miss you a lot because I remember the happy times I spent with you since our debut.
I’m trying my best to be with you again.
I can’t express all my heart and feelings through this, but lastly, I love you and thank you for always being by my side and supporting me in any situation
I love you and cherish you a lot today, For X

— OMEGA X’s Taedong

Unfortunately, OMEGA X’s future activities have currently been suspended for now. Meanwhile, the members are also receiving treatment. So, the day FOR X and OMEGA X are reunited remains indefinite. Read more below.

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