One Lucky ORBIT Got A Whole Minute Of LOONA Chuu’s Unfiltered Aegyo… And The Video Is Sweeping Twitter

As it should! What a cutie patootie! 🥰

During LOONA‘s video call event on October 24, one lucky ORBIT got to see member Chuu‘s unfiltered aegyo for a good minute…

LOONA’s Chuu | @loonatheworld/Twitter

… and the video has Twitter screaming UWU! During the call, the fan — by the Twitter handle of @oeccomebackplz — complimented Chuu on being “an idea bank” and asked her to share some creativity with naming a pet dog.

Chuu, I got a new pet dog and I need help with the name. Since you’re an idea bank, can you help me pick one?


Chuu seemed flustered at first, as she told the fan that “naming a dog is serious business“…

Yes, I have some great ideas… but naming a dog is serious business. I don’t think my ideas can help!

— Chuu

… but when the fan insisted, Chuu decided to give it a try. Upon finding out the dog is a dachshund, Chuu suggested “Na-long-ie” which is short for “Naneunya Longdari” (I have long legs).

Okay, for a dachshund… Let’s give it a name that can boost confidence! How about NA-NEUN-YA-LONG-DA-RI!!!

— Chuu

The fan agreed on Nalongie being a great name and offered to show the dog to Chuu…

ORBIT: Would you like to meet Nalongie?
Chuu: Sure!

… only to show Chuu a reflection of herself in a mirror! When Chuu got the joke, she playfully growled at the camera and argued that she’s more of a bulldog than a dachshund.

What! I’m a dachshund?! Nooo, I’m a bulldog!

— Chuu

This video, capturing Chuu’s most precious interaction with the ORBIT, soon went viral on Twitter with over 5.3K retweets…

… making LOONA fans and Korean netizens agree 200% on calling Chuu by her brand new (nick)name, Nalongie!

Isn’t Nalongie the cutest? We’re in love.

Source: THEQOO