ONEIT’s Officially Begin Protest Outside Of CJ ENM To Support X1

They want CJ ENM to take responsibility.

ONE IT’s announced they would be holding a physical protest outside of CJ ENM on January 22 at 11 AM KST to request that they take full responsibility of X1.


Buses, slogans, and banners were seen outside of the CJ ENM building, with fans supporting the protest. The slogans read, “CJ ENM Stop Trying To Avoid Responsibility” and “X1 In A New Group.” Buses were also covered in messages demanding that the company take responsibility for their actions.


The ‘New Group Support Alliance’ created a statement that revealed their reasoning for reconsideration for a new X1 group and the power the fandom holds.

1. Proven power of the fandom

2. Importance of the strong support from core fans

3. No great affect from the Produce X 101 program


It was revealed that all the slogans prepared ran out, meaning that more than 500 people have currently showed up to the event.

The schedule for the offline protest is as follows:

10:45-11:30 Hand out slogans and organize protestors into position

11:10-11:40 Explanation of the protest and presentation of official statement (1)

11:40-12:00 Free speech

12:00-12:20 Eight letter slogan shouting time

12:20-12:40 Free speech

12:40-1:00 picket slogan shouting time

1:00-1:30 Explanation of the protest and presentation of official statement (2)

1:30-1:50 slogan shouts

1:50-2:00 Last statement

2:00~ clean up and end of protest