X1 Fans To Hold Protest In Front Of CJ ENM Headquarters

Fans will be taking to the streets to support the group.

X1 fans are requesting CJ ENM to take responsibility of the group. X1’s ‘New Group Support Alliance’ revealed on January 20 that they are requesting CJ ENM’s president Heo Min Ho to fulfill the promise of guaranteeing X1’s activities and to take full responsibility of the group. They will be holding a protest on January 22 starting at 11AM KST in front of the CJ ENM headquarters.

Below is the registration form for those that wish to sign up for the petition.


They also stated that they are currently in the process of creating the international fan offline registration form.


On January 6, the members’ companies and CJ ENM made the decision to disband the group. This happened just one week after CJ ENM promised to compensate all the trainees who suffered damage from the Produce X 101 controversy and to support the group with activities.

Members of X1 have continuously expressed their desire to continue promotions and to participate in the meeting, but they were not accepted.


The ‘X1 New Group Support Alliance’ was created after the disbandment of X1 in order to request the formation of a new group from members in CJ ENM and other companies that wanted to promote in activities.


This alliance stated that CJ ENM’s Produce X 101 controversy caused innocent members to be accused throughout their activities only to be informed of a one-sided decision of disbandment that ignored their intentions. They feel that CJ ENM needs to compensate for the damage by creating a new group for the members.


International fans are also requesting compensation for the damage done to the members and are protesting through LED truck protests and full-screen advertisements at Coex.


4000+ international fans have also signed a petition to include X1 in the review and evaluation of the 29th High1 Seoul Music Awards.


On January 20 KST, CJ ENM announced the proposal for a K-Pop fund as a follow-up to the Produce X 101 crisis. However, fans are stating that there was nothing regarding the damage done to the members of X1.


What do you think about this protest? Will you be attending?

Source: tvreport