The One Thing BTS’s Jimin Can Never Travel Without

No wonder he is always so camera-ready!

Recently, Vogue released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of a day out with BTS’s Jimin during his trip to New York City in early March.

| @Vogue/YouTube

Jimin traveled to NYC for his appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he sat down for an interview to promote his solo album Face and did the first-ever live performance of the title track “Like Crazy.”

| @j.m/Instagram

In Vogue’s video, Jimin could be seen in his element, hanging out and joking around with his producer Pdogg and delivering flawless moves while rehearsing with his dancers prior to the final filming.

During one of the more playful moments in the video, a staff member asked him what he wears when he is alone at home or in his hotel room. Being the tease he is, Jimin replied, “If you’re curious about that, come over to my house.”


After that, he gave a very brief sneak peek of his hotel room and revealed the one product he always carries with him when he travels—sheet masks. The BTS member proudly held up a single-pack sheet mask resting on the bedside table and vouched that it was not a paid product placement. “My money, my purchase,” he smilingly emphasized.

The specific sheet mask that Jimin showed to the camera is by the brand Mediheal and contains tea tree solution.

| Amazon

Jimin said the reason why he always carries those masks with him is that hotel rooms tend to get very dry. So, he always puts on a sheet mask before going to bed to protect his skin.

So, if you wondered how this man turned up at airports and other schedules with flawless, plump skin despite being under so much pressure, run to your nearest store before the Jimin effect strikes, and they sell out like hotcakes.


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