ONEUS’s Hwanwoong Sends A Bittersweet Message To Former Member Ravn During The Group’s Seoul Concert

He also promised that ONEUS will continue on.

Earlier this month, shocking allegations revolving around now former member of Oneus, Ravn, were spread by an anonymous account claiming to be an ex-girlfriend.

Following a period of investigation, it was announced that Ravn decided to voluntarily leave the group. RBW shared that it will continue the investigation and that ONEUS would continue on as a 5-member group.

Ravn | RBW

ONEUS recently completed the Seoul opening concert for their latest world tour Reach For Us and were able to perform on stage for fans for the first time since Ravn’s departure from the group.

During the group’s ending speeching, Hwanwoong seems to directly speak about Ravn and directs part of his speech to him.

And now, we can’t be together… I’m really really upset [by you] but I wanted to say that you worked hard… Although we won’t be together anymore, the times we’ve spent together isn’t disappearing so I wanted to tell you that I’ll continue cheering you on. Since the times I’ve spent with you, hyung, won’t be disappearing, we will continue to cheer you on and we hope you’ll continue to cheer us on. And even though this new Oneus may seem unfamiliar, I hope you’ll trust and respect hyung’s decision.

— Hwanwoong

It seems as though Hwanwoong had some final bittersweet words to say to Ravn, and wanted to share them with fans as well as a sign that the group will be continuing on. Hwangwoong tearfully reiterates that ONEUS will continue on and that the other members will “protect ONEUS.”

We’ll work even harder to show you a stronger and better side of us. We promise to protect ONEUS, so please don’t leave us. Even though we can’t say forever, the five of us will do our best to protect ONEUS with whatever it takes.

— Hwanwoong

Following their Seoul concerts, ONEUS will be touring both the United States and South America in January and February 2023.


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