Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Of ONEUS’s Ravn Steps Up With More “Evidence” Of Cheating But Fans Question Its Authenticity

“You hung out with those girls you don’t trust outside, playing and eating.”

An alleged ex-girlfriend of ONEUS‘s Ravn stepped up on Twitter to accuse the singer of cheating and gaslighting. According to the accusations, Ravn had not only cheated on her with several women, he had also broken into her house.

We met in February 2020 when ON*US came to Japan for a group schedule. We had drinks at the hotel, and [you] fed me a lot of alcohol. I was so drunk and not fully conscious when we had sex. And wow, I did not expect our relationship to continue for two years from this point… By the way, I was aware that you slept with a different Japanese woman the day before you met me. Did you not know that I knew?

— Alleged Ex-girlfriend

She attached various proof such as matching keyrings she had bought for them, screenshots of their conversations, audio footage, and footage of him at her door.

Matching keyrings. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

She even feared for her safety as he had voiced animosity towards his other ex-girlfriend.

And don’t even get me started on your other ex. You got verbally violent, saying things like you “hate her so much you could kill her,” and you “want to quit being an idol so you can go stab her,” and that you “wish you could get her deported forever.” But you’ve been telling people your side of the story only.

— Alleged Ex-girlfriend

While Ravn’s agency has stated that they are checking the facts, the alleged ex-girlfriend has updated the situation in the meantime. They stepped up with more alleged proof on October 17, 2022. They uploaded several screenshots and explained the relevancy of each one.

1. Selfies sent before they were uploaded officially.

2. Proof that I prepared for his birthday.

3. Proof that he tried to come out after getting COVID-19.

4. Him saying he would cut off all other girls after fighting with me.

— Alleged Ex-girlfriend

  • Ravn: [selfies] “Only for your eyes. Got it?”
  • Ex: “Hehe. Of course. Handsome.”
  • [redacted]
  • Ex: “What about oppa?”
  • Ravn: “Must’ve been tasty. I had chicken.” [selfies]
  • Ex: “I miss chicken more. (The pictures) give me strength.”
  • Ravn : “Hehe. You like chicken?”
  • Ex : “Of course. I want to eat Korean food now.”

  • Ex: “Oppa, happy birthday once more.”
  • Ravn: “Thanks~~ It was so great. Thanks for preparing even a cake even though you’re busy.”
  • Ex: “Since you said you liked it, I’m even happier. Let’s continue to make such happy but simple memories in the future. I’ll be by your side when you’re hurting or having it hard so you can share the burden with me and overcome it. I loooove you so much! I hope your wish comes true too. And thank you for being born and dating me.”
  • Ravn: “Thank you~~~ I’m touched.”
  • Ravn: “Did you wake up?”
  • [calls]
  • Ravn: “Wishing you happy birthday sincerely. My work ended late so I can only congratulate you belatedly but thank you for always cheering me on and becoming a source of strength. Thanks to you, I was able to find strength. I know that you’re having a party today but drink only a little and get home safe. Happy birthday. I’m congratulating you the most right after your family and parents.”
  • Ex: “Oppa, thank you so so much, I’m in tears. I know that you’re not the type to write such stuff so I’m even more touched. Yesterday was also your promotional period so you would’ve been busy but you didn’t forget and wished me and also came to see me. It was short but I was happy. Seeing you work hard, it becomes a strength to me too. In fact, it makes me try harder to become a girlfriend worthy of such a cool boyfriend. It’s a miracle for me to even meet someone like you. Thank you for not giving up on us and coming back to me, making me the happiest girl on earth. I loooove you so much. Let’s be happy in the future too.”
  • Ravn: “Thank you. Did you spend your birthday well?”

  • Ravn: “Just as you have many male friends, I also have many female friends. Sorry for not telling you before I went.”
  • Ex: “Why are you only telling me now? It’s all a lie.”
  • Ravn: “It was really mannerless of me.”
  • Ex: “What did you mean when you said you have no friends?”
  • Ravn: “It’s possible for me to go meet my friends but because I didn’t tell you, it became a lie.”
  • Ex: “Seems like you’re only telling me because it’s not just a friend. Then, go and have fun with that female friend of yours.”
  • Ravn: “I don’t want to.”
  • Ex: “You don’t need me.”
  • Ravn: “You’re more important. I can just cut her off and that’s that. I’m really sorry for not telling you. I don’t want to lose you.”
  • Ex: “I just contacted __ and you were outside. Aren’t you supposed to be in quarantine? You said you couldn’t meet me. Keep in line.”
  • Ravn: “I felt so cooped up that I was waiting to go meet __.”
  • Ex: “?? Why can you even go out?”
  • Ravn: “That’s why I asked __ If you were together.”
  • Ex: “? I’m with someone else.”
  • Ravn: “Not __?”
  • Ex: “I’m asking why you can even go out.”
  • Ravn: “I thought of going to see you in person.”

  • Ravn: “I would’ve said to go and play and come back. I really want to apologize to you.”
  • Ex: “Suits you to be playing with girls outside.”
  • Ravn: “I’ll really get on my knees. I don’t need them.”
  • Ex: “You’re been going around playing, telling people you don’t have a girlfriend.”
  • Ravn: “I trusted __ and __ so I only told them.”
  • Ex: “So why are you hanging out with girls you don’t trust? Are you dumb?”
  • Ravn: “I can cut them all off but I can’t cut you off. You’re more precious.”
  • Ex: “You hung out with those girls you don’t trust outside, playing and eating. Doing all the things you couldn’t for me.”
  • Ravn: “I explained what happened already. I went to hang out with a close hyung. I said that you were in a bad mood and I wanted to make up so I asked him for help. We just talked. I really want to make up with you. I don’t know what went wrong either.”
  • Ex: “So is this for real? (About cutting off other girls) Can you really cut them all off?”
  • Ravn: “Yes. I don’t want to break things off with you.”
  • Ex: “Honestly, I can’t trust a single thing from you now.”
  • Ravn: “Please trust me. I’ll tell you even if I go meet friends next time. It’s nothing difficult. I’ll really reflect on how I idiotically didn’t tell you.”

However, fans have been in doubt over the authenticity of the screenshots. Afterall, they are things that can be easily fabricated.

Some other inconsistencies were pointed out including the dates of the screenshots and the posted selfies.

They also claim poorly edited photos.

It is clear that the sentiment from fans supports Ravn until more is revealed. His agency is still working to clarify the situation. Until then, Ravn has been placed on hiatus.


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