Ong Seongwoo Gives Heartfelt Advice To A 40 Year Old Fan Who’s Going On Her First Blind Date

What great advice!

During an interview segment for his GQ Magazine photoshoot, Ong Seongwoo gave the most touching advice to a 40 year old fan who was concerned about her very first blind date!

The fan shared that she was 40 years old that year but had never had a relationship before. As she spent her 20s studying overseas, her 30s working, she was extremely busy. Her severely shy personality has prevented her from dating all this while, and she revealed she was embarrassed to tears about her lack of dating experience. She will be going on her first blind date soon, and asked Ong Seongwoo for advice on how to be courageous.

He reassured her saying that no matter how old the person is, one who has never dated will still have that special fluttery feeling that only those who experience dating for the first time can have.

He continued that, as long as she believes she still has such flutters, she has no need to be embarrassed or ashamed, as she will be able to have the purest form of love when she meets true love…

…because it will be her first.

What a positive mindset he has! Catch the full interview below.

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