ONO Entertainment Addresses Former LIMITLESS Member Heeseok’s Controversial Instagram Post

ONO Entertainment released a formal statement

Former LIMITLESS member, Heeseok recently shared a lengthy Instagram post detailing the hardships he went through with his agency, as well as his self-harm attempts triggered by his depression, anxiety, and panic. And in response, ONO Entertainment shared their stance in an official statement.

The full translated statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is ONO Entertainment.

This is our official stance on LIMITLESS member, Yoon Heeseok.

First of all, we apologize for giving fans who love LIMITLESS unfortunate news in such a disordery time.

The controversy regarding LIMITLESS member, Yoon Heeseok aorse due to the difference in opinion regarding the withdrawal procedure between us and the artist.

At the end of the conversation that that Yoon Heeseok mentioned, we decided to respect his opinion that he is unable to continue engaging in LIMITLESS’ activities in a normal manner, and in a prior mutual discussion, we decided that LIMITLESS would proceed as a 5-member group.

As a result, we requested for Yoon Heeseok to proceed with the contract termination procedure, but he has yet to indicate his stance on contract termination to this day, so the proess has yet to be completed.

A part of the controversial social media post that Yoon Heeseok posted is not true.

The reason behind Yoon Heeseok’s withdrawal is partially related to his personal life, so we are unable to share any more details, but we’d like to stress that in the case that it leads to broad interpretations and spreading of false information, we will take legal measures. We also ask that you refrain from posting malicious comments about Yoon Heeseok and LIMITLESS members.

Lastly, we apologize for causing harm to all of you who love LIMITLESS, and we plan to give the LIMITLESS our full support so that they can proceed with their activities as a 5-member group.

We ask that you cheer on the 5 LIMITLESS members who are working hard day and night to return to you as more mature artists with sincere music as soon as possible.

— ONO Entertainment

Source: Dispatch