The Creepy Doll From “Squid Game” Actually Belongs To A Real Village In South Korea

You can visit it if you wish.

If the doll from the Red Light, Green Light game in Squid Game did not creep you out already, the truth behind the doll’s origins will terrify you. Netizens recently found out that the doll actually belongs to a real-life village in South Korea. And yes, you can visit the doll!

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The doll actually belonged to the horse carriage village in Jincheon County in Chungcheongbok-do, South Korea. Jincheon County is just a little way up from Seoul and can be reached in about 2-3 hours by car or bus. The county has a village and museum for horse carriages called Macha Land. The doll currently stands tall near the entrance.

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The doll was returned to the village after filming. According to citizens, it was already there before Squid Game was filmed. The production team borrowed it temporarily and returned it after.

Visitors to the museum can take a look at the doll.

Unfortunately, it seems that the doll is currently missing a hand. It had both during the show, but upon return, it was gone. No explanation was given so far. Perhaps Squid Game took too much a toll on her?

Regardless, make sure you go check her out the next time you’re in Korea!

Source: Wikitree

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