Fashion Trends In BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” That Made Them Look Adorable But Expensive

We’re loving it like “Ice Cream”!

BLACKPINK is known for their impeccable sense of fashion, and their music video outfits are no exception. Many look up to the group for fashion tips, and this time with their fresh drop for “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez, the girls look incredible as usual. However, this time, BLACKPINK went for a bright and bubbly vibe as opposed to their usual fierceness. This means that they incorporated all sorts of trendy, girly pieces and we’re living for it! Here are the details in from their music video outfits that we can take inspiration from!

1. Jisoo’s matching accessories

Matching your tones and accessories are a great way to look luxurious even while giving your outfit some pizazz. This is as it creates a look of uniformity and neatness. Jisoo’s headband and heart waist pouch are made of the same diamanté material, and she even matched her earrings to the icy tone.

Did you notice the cute charms on her black sock-platforms? It will definitely become a cool trend! A small detail most wouldn’t notice is that she has on the cutest cherry bracelet as well, staying in theme with her lines for the clip!

2. Rosé’s jelly nails

If you look hard enough, you’ll see that her nails for this scene are painted in jelly colors with a cloud motif. This is a trending design globally as the kitschy, kidult theme is in again. We love how her eye makeup is kept rosy like her name!

3. Jennie’s upgraded scrunchies

Scrunchies suddenly made a comeback all of this year, and in a big way. Jennie took it a step further, by replacing the typical scrunchie-as-bracelet with chunky Chanel ribbons! Way to make an expensive statement, queen!

4. Jennie’s eye makeup

This look is so fun! It reminds us of sprinkles, and perhaps that was what the makeup artist was going for. She has tiny yellow stars scattered across the eyelid, highlighted with a cool blue wing.

5. It’s all in the details…er, brands!

Major shoutout to the brands that Jisoo and Jennie endorse! You can spot items from both Dior and Chanel scattered throughout the video. Here, Jennie adds a touch of her Chanel-girl luxury with Chanel logo suspenders, while Jisoo sports a Dior logo belt.

Jisoo also turns a Dior oblique print scarf into a top. We love how she tried something different from her usual looks with this hip style.

Dior brand managers will be pleased to note that Jisoo is literally decked out in head-to-toe Dior for this look. From the oblique print hairband, to the J’ADORE DIOR brooches on her sweater, even her ring and necklace are from the brand!

In a zoomed out shot, we see that she even has on a matching oblique print belt. Jennie of course, similarly reps Chanel. She has on a Chanel waist bag, as well as a Chanel motif hair clip.

Look closer and you will see that her knit top is vintage Chanel, and she pairs it with Chanel pearl necklaces.

Gotta rep that Adidas Originals! The girls are all sporting the same pleated tennis skirt from the brand, which they are global spokesmodels for!

6. The butterfly motif

Butterfly motifs are incredibly in for now, especially amongst teens! Rosé takes this trend further by having tattoo stickers on her face as part of the makeup look. You can see that there are butterflies on her thumb nails as well as her necklace, completing the trend.

7. Huge hair accessories

We said kidult (portmanteau of “kid” and “adult”) was making a comeback right? Both Jennie and Lisa have large hair clips in their hair while Jisoo and Rosé look sweet with thick, chunky hairbands.

We are absolutely in love with the song and outfits for “Ice Cream”! If you’ve yet to watch it, make sure to catch it below. Once you’ve tasted it, you will absolutely keep going back for more!