P1Harmony Fans Outraged Over 2023 Tour’s Ticket Prices, Venues, And More

It’s only been nine months since their last tour, and the prices are notably different.

P1Harmony fans are expressing outrage over the choice of venues, ticket prices, and more for the group’s upcoming tour.

P1Harmony recently made their comeback with 5th mini album HARMONY : SET IN and its title track “Back Down.” Shortly after, FNC Entertainment announced the group’s next world tour 2023 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H : P1ONEER] in USA and Seoul.

Firstly, P1eces (P1Harmony fans) expressed concern that P1Harmony is touring again so soon. Not even a year has passed since 2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H : PEACE]. Even then, P1eces were concerned that the members were being overworked.

Besides that, many had mixed reactions to the venues. Some were more than happy over the venues that P1Harmony would perform at in the U.S., such as the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.

Yet, others expressed great concern over their respective venues. They appeared small and cramped, and those who had attended previous events reported being unable to see the stage, no matter the location inside.

Above all, P1eces are criticizing the unreasonable ticket prices. If you look at the group’s recent TikTok uploads, you will see the comment section is filled with comments related to this topic.


P1ece 여기 여기 붙어라! 👍🏻 #P1Harmony #피원하모니 #bff #비엪엪 #BFF_Challenge

♬ BFF (Best Friends Forever)_Challenge Ver. – P1Harmony

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The ticket prices will be General Admission and range from $60-$189 USD for just the ticket. VIP packages are sold separately and cost $170-$350 USD.

P1eces were shocked by the information that not only do the VIP packages cost so much, but they don’t even include their admission to the concert.

Many are joking that for those prices, the benefits better include personal interaction with the members.


this is so annoying bc I want vip but how am I supposed to come up with $600 in 3 days??Hello #piwon #p1harmony #p1ece #piece #keeho #intak #soul #jongseob #jiung #theo #kpop #fyp #mostlysarra

♬ BIBI Vengeance – BIBI

Some are even claiming that they are not going at all considering these prices.


cuz who got that money 😞💔‼️ #p1harmony #p1ece #piwon

♬ Back Down (Challenge Ver.) – P1Harmony

Not to mention it’s incredibly short notice. The tour was announced just a couple of days before tickets went on sale. The timing couldn’t be more inconvenient, too, since most people have already spent more money than usual due to the holiday season.

It’s only been about nine months since P1Harmony’s first tour, and the price difference is notable. The full VIP ticket was only $179 USD.

P1eces are incredibly disappointed by the small venues, higher ticket prices, and fewer benefits.

So, many wish that SubKulture Entertainment was the tour’s organizer again.

Will you be seeing P1Harmony in 2023?

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