Netizens Catch An Adorable Interaction Between Park Bo Gum And BLACKPINK’s Lisa At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

They must be certified besties now!

The world of Korean entertainment recently went into meltdown after it was announced that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, BTS‘s V, and Park Bo Gum would be attending CELINE‘s Paris Fashion Week show together.

In particular, one thing that people couldn’t get enough of was the friendship between Lisa and Park Bo Gum. When the duo arrived at the airport to go to Paris, they individually caught the attention of fans for their visuals and charms.

Park Bo Gum

At the CELINE event itself, Lisa and Park Bo Gum truly shined in their classy and sophisticated looks that just screamed high-end fashion.

When they all arrived in Paris, Park Bo Gum already captured the hearts of netizens when he went out of his way to collect fan letters for Lisa and V.

Throughout the event, Lisa and Park Bo Gum gained attention for their adorable interactions. Throughout the main event, Lisa always ensured that Park Bo Gum wasn’t left out and that he wasn’t forgotten about.

Netizens believe that Park Bo Gum was a true gentleman when he waited for Lisa as she was signing autographs…

And he gave Lisa his suit jacket to wear at the after-party because it got colder as the night went on.

Lisa with Park Bo Gum’s jacket | @pinkyvarshi/Twitter
Park Bo Gum without his jacket | @pinkyvarshi/Twitter

Although the event happened a few days ago, more and more clips are being released of Lisa and Park Bo Gum, and one has recently caught the attention of netizens.

The clip has been watched over 500,000 times since it was posted just over six hours ago. It seems to have been taken after the event and Lisa was seen putting her fingers on her head, pretending they were cat ears. If that wasn’t cute enough, Park Bo Gum had the cutest reaction and started laughing.

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the friendship between the two Korean celebrities. It just cements that the two have been a true delight throughout their entire time in Paris and it was the perfect chance to have some fun.

It wasn’t just Lisa and Park Bo Gum, the interactions with BTS’s V have also shut down any idea of “Fan wars” as the trio had some of the cutest moments during their time in Paris.

Although the two are not normally seen together in Korea, it seems like they already have a firm friendship. The CELINE event has truly created some unforgettable memories for netizens as their favorites have interacted with each other.

You can read more about Park Bo Gum, Lisa, and V’s interactions with each other below.

Park Bo Gum Proves To Be A True Gentleman Towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa At The CELINE Paris Fashion Show

Source: @YeonAikiko/Twitter