Park Bo Gum Shares How BTS Reacted To His Drama “Encounter”

They have each others’ backs.

Park Bo Gum has shared how BTS reacted to his drama Encounter, which has recently aired its last episode.


Park Bo Gum is known to have a close friendship with BTS and in particular, with V. He indicated that he still keeps in touch with V often but that V wasn’t able to watch all the episodes due to his busy schedule.

We do contact each other frequently. He had a lot of tours and many events to prepare for at the end of the year. He said he wasn’t able to watch all the episodes.

ㅡ Park Bo Gum


He also indicated that all the other BTS members individually contact him and expressed his gratitude for their attention despite their busy schedules.

The BTS members all contacted me directly. I was extremely thankful. More so because they took time from their busy schedules to watch it.

ㅡ Park Bo Gum


In the past, Park Bo Gum also went to support BTS at their concert. He took time off from his busy schedule and sang along to all of their songs, all the while cheering them on with his own army bomb.

Despite Busy Schedules, Park Bo Gum Supports His Best Friend V, By Going To BTS Concert


He also should up at BTS’ most recent “Love Yourself” tour in Seoul alongside Park Seo Joon and Park Hyungsik and once again, pulled out his army bomb to sing along and dance to his friends’ music.

Park Bo Gum, Seo Joon, And Park Hyung Sik Spotted At BTS’s Latest Concert


The way these stars always have each others’ back is simply admirable!

Source: My Daily