Park Bo Gum Fans Furiously Claim They Can’t Focus On His New Drama All Because Of His “Look-Alike”

Park Bo Gum fans claim that the look-alike has ruined everything.

A post titled, “The Reason Why Park Bo Gum Must Sue Kim Min Seo” recently popped up in an online community.

And the netizen who shared the post expressed their fury about the fact that they can’t focus on Park Bo Gum‘s new drama, Record Of Youth, because of Kim Min Seo, who is famously known for being his “look-alike”.

The netizen expressed,

Even if I try not to think about it, I think of Kim Min Seo’s face.

— Netizen

| @kms02.02/Instagram

And although the post was short, fellow netizens sympathized, saying that they can’t focus because of the look-alike either.

The look-alike in question sparked controversy when he made imitating facial expressions and gestures to resemble Park Bo Gum and even promoted Park Bo Gum’s new drama as if it was his.

| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube

He later clarified,

I made this video because I’m such a huge fan of Park Bo Gum.

— Kim Min Seo

| @MinSeoGongYi/YouTube

But netizens continue to attack Kim Min Seo for tainting Park Bo Gum’s reputation.

Source: Insight