Park Bom Recently Moved To A House On Ganghwa Island For The Sake Of Her Career

That’s some serious devotion!

Park Bom recently revealed her daily life on tvN‘s On & Off from her new home on Ganghwa Island just outside Seoul.

She shared that she recently moved to a home outside the city and confessed how different her life has been as a result.

There’s no convenience store nearby, so it was uncomfortable at first. But as I kept living, I realized the vibe of this place matched with me very well.

— Park Bom

Park Bom then explained what made her move to the island in the first place.

I’m living on Ganghwa Island right now. It’s a rural place, so it helps me focus on my diet, and I can focus on preparing for my album as well.

— Park Bom


It turns out that she made the move 2 months ago with the determination to do some serious dieting and preparing for her next album.


And as it was previously revealed, Park Bom gave viewers an inside look at her new dieting plan which allowed her to lose 11 kilograms (24 pounds)!

I’m losing weight these days. I follow the same meal plan three times a day.

— Park Bom

After waiting until 8 o’clock, Park Bom chowed down on some healthy rice balls with lettuce.

It feels like I’m waiting an entire day until my next meal.

— Park Bom

Here’s wishing Park Bom a successful diet and a comeback that we’ve all been anxiously waiting for!

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Insight