Park Bom Looks Stunningly Beautiful After Losing 24 Pounds

She looks so much healthier!

Park Bom has revealed that she lost 24 pounds and looks slimmer and healthier, and also shared some news about her comeback.

| Juvis

Park Bom revealed through her Instagram her transformation, comparing her current, slimmed down body with a picture of herself at the Grand Bell Awards, where she shocked Koreans with her increased weight gain.

Last year at the Grand Bell Awards, I was like this…

I was shocked, and went on a diet and I lost 11kg (24 pounds) to go from 70kg (154 pounds) to 59kg (130 pounds)!

Because of the medication I had to take to treat my ADD, it was really hard to diet, but it feels so nice to lose it ^^

I’ve lose a lot of weight, and am using less medications, and feel healthier~

I won’t go back to that version of myself!

Also, please look forward to my comeback!

— Park Bom

The dieting company, Juvis, that helped Park Bom lose her weight also commented on the difficulties she had during the dieting process.

| Juvis

We have helped manage the diets of many celebrities such as Super Junior’s Shindong, Lee Young Hyun, Huh Gak, and Sam Hammington, but Park Bom’s situation was the most difficult to deal with.

There were many times where we would have to stop management of her because of her severe emotional swings, and also there were difficulties in managing her diet because she wasn’t able to control her appetite.

— Juvis

Source: Sports Kyunghyang
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