Park Hae Jin Mourns the Passing of “Cheese in the Trap” Co-Star Moon Ji Yoon

Moon Ji Yoon played Park Hae Jin’s mean “sunbae” on the popular show.

Following the news of actor Moon Ji Yoon‘s passing due to acute septicemia, former co-star of Cheese in the Trap, Park Hae Jin mourned and remembered the star through a report by OSEN.

According to OSEN, Park Hae Jin reacted as though he wasn’t certain if the unfortunate news was true.

Park Hae Jin shared how he remembered the actor on the set of the popular drama, Cheese in the Trap.

I remember Moon Ji Yoon as an actor who was usually quiet, but was thorough in the way he did his work. And I’ll always remember him that way.

– Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin continued to mourn the loss of the star in a concise message.

I’ll believe that he lived his life to the fullest before he left, and hope that he rests in peace in a good place.

– Park Hae Jin

The two actors worked together in 2016 on the set of Cheese and the Trap.

Moon Ji Yoon played the unlikable “sunbae” of Park Hae Jin’s character and left a strong impression on viewers with his spectacular acting.

The two actors did such a good job that they appeared on the film re-make of the drama as well.


Both actors were born in 1984 meaning they were the same age.

But Moon Ji Yoon unfortunately passed away in a sudden manner after being hospitalized for acute septicemia.

May Moon Ji Yoon rest in peace

Source: Insight