The Alleged Victims Hit Back After Actress Park Hye Su’s Agency Denies Bullying Allegations

The victims spoke up again.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Actress Park Hye Su was previously accused of being a school bully. According to the alleged victims, she would harass other students for money and verbally abuse them. Park Hye Su’s agency, Studio Santa Claus denied all allegations.

Following the denial, the victims’ group who made the accusations stepped forward and made a statement to CBS No Cut News.

We are taken aback and very angered by the article that said these are falsehoods. They are cornering us and making us look like we are liars and malicious commenters. Although her agency claimed they have made investigations, we have not been contacted by her agency at all. Even though we will not act before her company does, we have similar thoughts about dealing with this through legal means. The victims are awaiting a serious apology from her.

— Alleged Victims

An alleged victim also uploaded a screenshot of the denial by Studio Santa Claus, with the caption, “They’re really crazy.

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Various victims have also been discussing the issue through comments on Instagram.

  • “She released an article saying it’s false. Wow, just what does she trust in while being this shameless? She’s amazing.”
  • “They didn’t have to write such a long passage just to say it’s a falsehood. They only gave their statement right at the end of the paragraph kkk”
  • “Capture everything and hang in there!”
  • “I knew she didn’t have a conscience but I didn’t know it was to this extent. I’m taking this to the end.”
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An alleged victim further posted that she had consulted a lawyer regarding this issue. They claimed that when both sides do not have physical proof, the case will likely be judged by which story is more convincing.

I was curious as well so I went to ask a professional lawyer. This is what I wrote down during the call so please be understanding.

Regarding if it’s okay to proceed without concrete evidence, it’s okay if all the victims gather and speak the truth together. Given that both us and her both do not have concrete proof, the courts will listen to the arguments and judge on which story is more convincing. There were many people who were victims and many who were witnesses. There’s no reason for us to reveal our own pasts just to take a fellow alumni down, so it is likely that our testimonies will be taken as the truth. There won’t be a problem as long as we don’t exaggerate or lie.

— Alleged Victim

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The victim concluded with a TLDR, “As long as it is something that genuinely happened, there’s no reason we will lose out by taking the legal route. All we have to be worried about is if this matter gets exaggerated or lies are made up.

Studio Santa Claus has yet to reply to this new statement.

Source: No Cut News and Theqoo

Actress Park Hye Su's Bullying Allegation