Agency Provides Update On Park Hye Su’s Alleged Bullying Issue And Refutes Claims With Proof

Her agency refutes the claims in detail.

Actress Park Hye Su was previously accused of school violence. Following multiple denials by her agency, Dispatch has also conducted in-depth research to debunk the allegations. Park Hye Su’s agency, Studio Santa Claus, provided another update on March 4, 2021.

They refuted the claims made by the victim in detail, exposing one of the lies from the victim. The victim used a photograph from 2010 to claim that Park Hye Su was in the noraebang with them in 2009. Due to the incoherency of the victim’s claims, the agency denied their claims.

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The full statement can be read below.

Hello. This is Studio Santa Claus. We will be delivering our official statement with regards to the issue about actress Park Hye Su which has been in the press.

1) It is a clear falsehood made by various people that claimed that to have been victims of school violence by Park Hye Su. Not only were their claims subjective, they were not corroborated with evidence and were incoherent with words and actions they themselves carried out in the past. As the claims of school violence are false, any additional statements made by the relevant parties can also be seen as falsified.

2) This is our position regarding the claims mainly made by Party B.

2.1) B claimed that she was bullied by Park Hye Su in school and that it was to the point where she became severely bloodied after repeated assault. B also claimed that Park Hye Su cursed at her father over a call. However, after the point in time of the alleged incident, none of the messages sent to Park Hye Su from B hints at the alleged bullying. In fact, when Park Hye Su did not respond to B’s messages, B sent a message that warned Park Hye Su to not ignore her messages

It is difficult to be convinced of her claims when she asked Park Hye Su to not ignore the messages after allegedly being assaulted to the point of being bloodied and having her father cursed out over the phone.

2.2) B gave a press interview on March 4 claiming that the bullying took place around 2010 when they were in their 3rd year of middle school and that the noraebang photos were dated a year before in 2009.

However, the photo was taken in 2010 as checked through the photo file clearly. Hence it can be determined that B’s interview was a lie.

2.3) As seen in previous articles and eyewitness testimonies, Park Hye Su was not present at the noraebang. She was also not present in the alleged basement area where the 2nd round of assault happened. This is consistent with the eyewitness testimonies of people at the scene.

Taking a look at the reported articles and statements from witnesses, it can be confired that Park Hye Su had nothing to do with the 1st and 2nd round of assaults. It was claimed that the 3rd round of assaults happened at the playground. However, the assailant was not Park Hye Su but a third party. This information can be found in the interview from the assailant themselves.

2.4) The credibility of B is also in doubt as their claims keep changing.

The initial claim was made on February 22, 2021 via social media but it was later on the level and details of the claim changed once to “group bullying” and “assault instigation” via an interview given on February 24, 2021. Later, the claim changed once more on March 4, 2021 to pin Park Hye Su as the cause of the bullying.

3) The company has already filed lawsuits against the relevant parties who created falsehoods and an investigation is underway. We have also submitted various evidence to the investigative agency and will submit additional evidence if necessary.

We will also be taking legal action against those that create additional falsehoods and tried to justify the false claims.

4) The company will take means to assure the creators of such falsehoods will be held responsible legally. We appeal to everyone to refrain from reckless speculation and slander without reasonable grounds.

Thank you

— Studio Santa Claus

Source: Herald Pop