Accusations Of Park Jihoon Cheating On Girlfriend Revealed To Have Been Fabricated

They had been fabricated.

Previously, former Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon had been accused of cheating on his alleged girlfriend with a BJ (live streamer) girl. However, the accusations have since been debunked.

Firstly, Park Jihoon’s fans have come to actively defend the idol—claiming that the rumors had been circulating since around two years prior. In fact, Park Jihoon’s agency, Maroo Entertainment, even once released an announcement that they would be suing malicious posts and rumors.

Hello, this is Maroo Entertainment. We have checked on the multiple malicious rumors and unfounded posts through social media and community sites that have seriously attacked our artist personally. We have been continuously monitoring the malicious posts since prior and we are preparing to deal with it legally.

— Maroo Entertainment

Past notice of legal action. | Maroo Entertainment

Another netizen had stepped up to prove that the alleged “unreleased photographs” that were used as proof of the relationship had actually already been spread on community sites since earlier in 2021. The netizen revealed an email which had been crafted in March 2021, written to Maroo Entertainment to report the illegal spread of personal photographs and video content of Park Jihoon.

| theqoo

Regarding the video in which Park Jihoon had been seen to have said “I love you” to the recipient, a netizen stepped up to prove that such videos were easily obtainable as long as you knew the right people.

I’m writing a few lines after hesitation. If you have an acquaintance, even if you’re a fan, the idols will take video letters for you easily. I have also received such a video letter through an acquaintance’s acquaintance’s acquaintance. Be it on a filming site, a waiting room or receiving an autograph or a photograph, I heard idols usually accept such requests. I couldn’t just sit back because the accusations were so childish…

— @mongl529

Some have asked me if I’m making things up. I have uploaded my video letter here for Mays here (Park Jihoon’s fan club name) but have cut out my name and my acquaintance’s name in the video. Sorry for the bad editing because I’m not good at it.

— @mongl529

A fan had also previously contacted the BJ in question regarding the rumors. In the accusations, the name “Jung Hyun Ho” had frequently been brought up. It was claimed to have been Park Jihoon’s alias which he allegedly used to escape detection as a celebrity. However, the BJ clarified that Jung Hyun Ho was a real person who was her acquaintance. She verified his identity by showing a photograph of an identification card with the name Jung Hyun Ho on it.

  • BJ: “Does this work?”
  • BJ: “I covered his birthday.”
  • Fan: “Oh my…”
  • Fan: “Thank you.”
| theqoo

The BJ also firmly stated that she has never dated the idol in question.

  • BJ: “I’ve never said such a thing.”
  • BJ: “Sigh.”
  • BJ: “I’ve been getting so many DMs.”
  • Fan: “You’re not dating an idol right? Sorry for asking so out right.”
  • BJ: “I don’t reply the DMs.”
  • BJ: “Yes I’m not dating.”
  • BJ: “I don’t even have time to meet my acquaintances.”
  • Fan: “You’re a victim in this too, so I’m sorry.”
  • BJ: “It’s okay.”
| theqoo

There have been claims that the account that had originally spread the accusations was a longstanding anti. Maroo Entertainment and Park Jihoon have yet to speak up on this matter.

Source: theqoo

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