Former Wanna One Member Park Jihoon Accused Of Cheating On Ex-Girlfriend With An AfreecaTV BJ

She came forward with alleged screenshot and photo evidence.

 These accusations have since been revealed to be fabricated.

Former Wanna One member Park Jihoon has found himself in the middle of a possible controversy involving a former girlfriend.

Park Jihoon.

A few days ago, a Twitter account posted series of photos of alleged messages from someone claiming to be Park Jihoon’s former girlfriend. The user shared the photos with a tweet explaining the situation.

I received some explosive DM’s from former Wanna One Park Jihoon’s ex-girlfriend. A few days ago, she saw a retweet of Park Jihoon allegedly spending tens of millions of KRW (thousands USD) on a female BJ (broadcast jockey who shows off her body.) She contacted me after seeing that. Park Jihoon gave the BJ the money using the handle name ‘Jung Hyun Ho 1,’ but he was dating his ex-girlfriend at the time. In other words, he was cheating and having an affair.

— @IllIllllIIlIIIl/Twitter

With the tweet, they shared the dozens of DM’s and photos that they received from the netizen claiming to be Park Jihoon’s alleged former girlfriend.

This first screenshot shares the allegation in a shortened format, explaining Park Jihoon’s infidelity started when he began sending a female broadcasting jockey “star balloons” during her alleged broadcasts.

“Star balloons” are form of digital currency used on AfreecaTV, which is a video streaming service, and these balloons can be withdrawn as cash. One of these balloons can be purchased for ₩100 KRW (about $0.09 USD) and users can send up to 10,000 of these to their favorite BJs a day as a way to show off their love.

After sharing the initial message detailing Park Jihoon’s “star balloon” situation, the Twitter user continued to share the screenshots she received from the netizen claiming to be Park Jihoon’s former girlfriend.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “This footage is the video he sent his girlfriend while he was in Hawaii. It was after he sent the female BJ star balloons, bought her an iPhone, and bought matching couple phone cases with her.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl: “Those captures are from the video call he had with his girlfriend? How did you get your hands on it? Whoa. I thought it was something he sent to his fans…”
Netizen: “It’s because I’m the girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“….?”

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter
Netizen: “My friend somehow saw tweets relating to the female BJ’s Twitter account and saw something in the comments and sent it to me.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“So you’re telling me that the above photos and footage have not yet been shared with his fans.”
Netizen: “It was when we were dating.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“Yes.”
Netizen: “Yup, they (his fans) haven’t seen them.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“You guys were in a real relationship and not just an online one?”
Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter
Netizen: “At the club”
Netizen: “I used it well”
Netizen: “To me”
Netizen: “When he came back from Hawaii”
Netizen: “It was when he bought her the iPhone.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“I see. How come your relationship wasn’t caught at the club…?”
Netizen: “He bought me a Coach watch.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“What a crazy bast*rd.”
Netizen: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Netizen: “So afterwards, I really wanted a Nintendo.”
Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl: “I calculated it. He sent her about ₩8.00 million KRW (about $6,980 USD) worth of star balloons over two months.”
Netizen: “He bought it for her. It doesn’t compare to the money he sent her. I think he just spends money on girls without thinking. It wasn’t too long after we broke up that he would take trainee girls to Octagon (nightclub.) He would order bottles of alcohol that cost ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,750 USD) and stuff.”

Another Twitter user shared this photo of the strange “coincidences” between Park Jihoon and his alias, Jung Hyun Ho.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Even more of the alleged former girlfriend’s text messages were revealed by the Twitter user, which went into even more details about Park Jihoon’s infidelity.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “A few hours before he left for Hawaii, he was at my place.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“What.”
Netizen: “And then behind my back, he was doing that with the female BJ. I felt like sh*t.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“I didn’t know…what an a**hole.”
Netizen: “That’s why I’m telling you.”
Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl:“If you’re trying to expose him, do you by chance have more to share?”

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “When we went to an escape room together, the name he used to reserve it was Jung Hyun Ho. I think we called a Kakao taxi or something, but when he called for a car to pick us up, the driver asked ‘is this car for Jung Hyun Ho-sshi?'”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“It’s fascinating that no one recognized him…the fact that you confirmed his Jung Hyun Ho ID seems to confirm that you are who you say you are. It sounds like he was living a second life as Jung Hyun Ho.”
Netizen: “That’s how I knew it was him.”

The alleged ex-girlfriend also shared this photo of a previous Instagram story that she uploaded while she was over at the former Wanna One member’s home.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “I uploaded this Instagram story when I was over at his place. It’s not really anything.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“His fans probably know just by looking at the setup of the place that it’s Park Jihoon’s house.”
Netizen: “Now that I’m saying it all out loud, I feel like I’m going to go crazy. In the beginning, I contemplated between saying something and keeping it to myself. I got drunk yesterday, which is why I messaged you. But now that I told you, I feel refreshed.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“I don’t f*cking understand. He had a girlfriend, but he still spent thousands on a BJ (broadcast jockey) girl.”

The netizen then shared an alleged text message between her and Park Jihoon with the Twitter user.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter
Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “This is a live KakaoTalk. It’s not a video call. It was when I worked.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“Uh huh.”
Netizen: “I think he said it because he was in school. He has another phone. He took his phone, my phone and we made a group chat and did a live chat with it.”

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter

Netizen: “I’ve never seen this one.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“He just figured it out after breaking up with you. He met with the female BJ. Does the timing overlap with the period when he dated you unnie?”
Netizen: “Yes.”

To conclude the accusations, Park Jihoon’s alleged former girlfriend explained to Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl why she decided to expose him after all this time.

Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter
Netizen: “I saw the ‘Jung Hyun Ho 1’ from before.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“It’s definitely an affair.”
Netizen: “It looked like they were Facebook friends so I dug around a bit, but then I got blocked ㅋㅋㅋ so I decided to forget about it, but then my friend showed it to me again.”
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl“Yup.”
Netizen: “I felt like sh*t so that’s why I’m sharing it. I just wanted to receive an apology at first, but now he’s freaking avoiding me.”
Screenshot provided by Twitter user @IllIllllIIlIIIl | Twitter
Netizen: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get that he cheated. I just wanted him to explain why he did what he did and deliver a heartfelt apology. But he’s f*cking avoiding me, which is pissing me off.
Twitter user@IllIllllIIlIIIl[Blurred out text]
Netizen: “It’s because I had positive feelings towards him that I didn’t expose anything, even after seeing his username Jung Hyun Ho 1. I endured it and lived through it, but I can’t do that anymore.”

Park Jihoon nor his agency have yet to address the ongoing situation.

Source: Twitter

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