Actress Park Ji Hyun Accidentally Reveals Information About TVXQ! Changmin’s Secretive Wife — Netizens Criticize Her

Nothing was known about his wife until now.

TVXQ!‘s Changmin previously got married in September 2020. He revealed the news to fans through a handwritten letter on June 11, 2020.

TVXQ’s Changmin Personally Announces His Upcoming Marriage To Girlfriend

As his wife is not a public figure, everyone around them kept things quiet for the longest time. Fans did not try to pry into their private lives, leaving his family alone. As such, no one knew anything about his wife at all, not even her age or occupation! Things were kept under wraps for around three years. That is until actress Park Ji Hyun spoke up about it on January 25, 2024. She shared about her ties to Changmin and his wife, inadvertently leaking information about the mysterious wife.

On a radio show, Park Ji Hyun admitted to being a hardcore fan of TVXQ!. She was a part of the official fanclub Cassopeia as a paid member, and loved all the members. She even has all their merchandise in her room back home! She was fascinated when her friend got married to Changmin. She even showed her all the signed CDs she had!

Park Ji Hyun on the radio show.

Netizens criticized her for her careless comment as fans and Changmin had spent so long protecting the wife’s identity. In Korean, the word “friend” is often used not only to represent a close friendship, but also of someone of the same age, sometimes give or take a few years. It is hard for one to refer to someone much older or younger as a “friend,” no matter how close you are! They would usually use the honorific terms unnie, oppa, noona, or hyung instead. Thus, Park Ji Hyun inadvertently revealed how old Changmin’s wife is.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  •  Seems like they themselves hid things thoroughly, so for someone else to speak about it is kinda bad.
  • No, but I can’t believe that this is real LOL.
  • Apart from the fact that his wife is a woman, even fans knew nothing about her, but it got revealed like this LOL.
  • Wow, this is so surprising LOL. But Changmin has a kid? Well, I guess since he’s married, he would. I just can’t believe it LOL.
  • They kept things as a secret as they got married, so shouldn’t she know not to speak about her friend in public settings? They wanted to stay out of the radar and live quietly. They also are living just like that in reality.

Park Ji Hyun was born in 1994, while Changmin is born in 1988. An estimated age gap of 6 years is to be speculated between Changmin and his wife.

Source: theqoo