Park Jin Young Explains Why He Sent Wonder Girls To America For What Many Call A Failed Global Debut

Everyone’s been wondering this for years.

In a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Park Jin Young and Sunmi, who recently came back with the song, “When We Disco”, opened up about Wonder Girls‘ “failed” American debut and the reason behind why Park Jin Young sent them over to the States in the first place.

Back in 2008, Wonder Girls, who hit it big in Korea, was sent over to America for a global debut, but it was unsuccessful.

And Sunmi confessed that it took a serious mental toll on her.

I was 18 years old at the time. I had a really hard time in terms of my mental health.

— Sunmi

She even added that the members and Park Jin Young had to do everything on their own without staff.

We went around America on a bus, and while we promoted ourselves before every show, Park Jin Young was working hard to pass out flyers.

— Sunmi

It has been well-known that Wonder Girls’ attempt to debut in America didn’t go as well as they hoped, but Park Jin Young finally revealed why he sent the group abroad in the first place on Radio Star.

I felt like everything was going well. But when the global financial crisis caused by the bankruptcy of the Lehman brothers took place in 2008, many music labels began shutting down.

— Park Jin Young

And when his plans to debut three new groups in 2008 fell through, he took a chance on Wonder Girls.

I poured my money and time into my plans to debut three new groups in 2008. But it all fell through as a result. But I thought Wonder Girls had a chance, so I worked with them personally.

— Park Jin Young

Defconn added that many now call it the worst disaster that resulted from trying to make it global, and Park Jin Young showed his regret.

Whenever it doesn’t work out, you end up getting cussed out.

— Park Jin Young



On the bright side, Sunmi said the experience gave her and the other members something to talk about to this day.

It gave the members something to look back on. We still talk about those days to this day.

— Sunmi

Source: Daum News