Park Myung Soo Receives Backlash For Supporting Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship

Korean netizens believe his support was “inappropriate.”

On April 12, 2023, Lee Seung Gi shared in a personal Instagram statement that his parents-in-law, Lee Hong Heon and Kyeon Mi Ri, are not responsible for the 2016 BotaBio stock manipulation case and that the in-laws have filed a complaint with the Media Arbitration Committee against the five South Korean media outlets that have reported aggressive misinformation about them. Read the full statement here.

On May 28, Park Myung Soo filmed for his radio program, Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show and as he usually does, he commentated on current events that have been happening. On this particular day, the comedian discussed the breaking news regarding Lee Seung Gi and his confirmed relationship with actress Lee Da In. While his comments were positive, Park Myung Soo has become the center of severe backlash for supporting the couple.

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Park Myung Soo relayed his encouraging comments on air during his radio program saying,

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Whether or not they wanted it to become public, it’s been revealed. Since it happened, I want it to go well and would like to see them get married.

— Park Myung Soo

His short, but supportive message, however, has been met with intense scrutiny as Park Myung Soo’s social media accounts have been attacked with malicious comments from Korean netizens. They believe that the comedian “overstepped” with his “inappropriate” comment.

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  • “Park Myung Soo-sshi, as an entertainment sunbae (older, more experienced), you should use discretion. You shouldn’t have mentioned Lee Seung Gi and marriage. Don’t you know that the public is upset because of his girlfriend’s family. I’m really disappointed.”
  • “Don’t you think the Seung Gi portion was a big mistake? There’s been an outrage ever since he became intertwined with a criminal family, but you want them to get married? As a sunbae, do you think it’s appropriate to give him that kind of advice? This is infuriating.”
  • “Park Myung Soo-sshi!! What you said about Lee Seung Gi made me really disappointed. The entire nation is against it, but you want them to get married? There’s an uproar because of her criminal family right now. Such a disrespectful piece of advice.”
  • “Myung Soo-sshi, I think you may have overstepped with this one. I think you should use discretion before speaking publicly…the entire nation is worried about it, but why would you share supportive messages?”

The Korean netizens’ backlash comes in the midst of the ongoing upset regarding Lee Da In’s family background. Lee Da In’s mother is one of South Korea’s top veteran actresses, Kyeon Mi Ri and her sister is another well-known actress, Lee Yoo Bi. The problem doesn’t lie within her actor family, however, but rather her stepfather. Lee Da In’s stepfather, Lee Hong Heon was formerly charged with stock manipulation on two different occasions, with him ultimately serving a prison sentence for his involvement.

Lee Hong Heon (left), actress Kyeon Mi Ri (right) | Tistory

However, the controversy doesn’t end with Lee Hong Heon’s stock manipulation, but also with how the family visibly thrived from the profits. Lee Da In’s family lives in complete luxury and wealth, as they had previously showed off their home on a past variety program. While this alone didn’t cause controversy, their luxurious lifestyle became a problem when numerous netizens came forward sharing their testimonies about the negative impact Lee Da In’s stepfather’s stock manipulation had. Many of these netizens alleged that the stock manipulation ruined their families and put them into bankruptcy.

Due to the dozens of continuous stories made by netizens, the public has turned their back on Lee Da In and her family even more, as photos of their luxurious home and lifestyle continue to circulate online.

Lee Da In’s home, as shown on “Dog’s Are Incredible” | KBS

Ever since Lee Seung Gi’s relationship went public, the nation has been expressing their deeply rooted concerns. Lee Seung Gi, who has impressed with his 17-year long career, has yet to experience a single scandal, which is almost unheard of within the industry. With his remarkable record, netizens and fans have been protesting his relationship with Lee Da In due to her ties with her “criminal family” and the damage Lee Seung Gi would suffer from her reputation.

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As the nation collectively continues to protest Lee Seung Gi’s relationship with Lee Da In, Park Myung Soo’s supportive messages became the target of massive scrutiny as they went against the public’s outrage.

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