Park Myung Soo Reveals He Takes Sleeping Pills Due To Loneliness And Stress

“I don’t know what happiness is. I’m lonely.” — Park Myung Soo

On a recent episode of Channel A‘s Dog Bone, Park Myung Soo confessed that he’s lonely, unhappy, stressed, and needs to take sleeping pills to fall asleep.

While speaking with a Buddhist monk on the show, Park Myung Soo opened up about his true mental condition for the first time on TV.

Park Myung Soo raised the question of what happiness is and shared that he has difficulty finding it in his own life.

I’m in my 50s, but I don’t know what happiness is. I’m really stressed, too. When I get something new, I’m happy for that moment, but I feel empty after that… I don’t know what makes other men in their 50s happy. Are you happy just by watching your child grow up?

— Park Myung Soo

In particular, Park Myung Soo confessed that he takes sleeping pills at night.

I’m currently taking sleeping pills. But I can’t tell anyone about it.

— Park Myung Soo

And according to him, his family’s no help either.

When I tell my wife that I can’t sleep, she scolds me to just go to bed. And when I try to hug my child, she just avoids me now that she’s older…

— Park Myung Soo

As a result, Park Myung Soo confessed that he’s lonely and he’s looking for a way to resolve it.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch
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