Park Na Rae Cleared Of Charges After Claims Of “Sexual Harassment” On Web Show

Park Na Rae came under fire for sexual jokes back in March this year.

Following accusations of sexual harassment earlier this year, comedienne Park Na Rae has been cleared of all charges by the police.

Back in March, Park Na Rae came under fire for a series of crude jokes she made on her YouTube web show, Hey Na Rae. While the well-known South Korean comedienne had been known for her crude jokes for quite some time, many felt her remarks on Hey Na Rae overstepped appropriate boundaries.


Alongside making several sexual gestures, she also brought up a past clip from Knowing Bros in which EXO‘s Kai misheard “padding” as “panty” during a guessing game and subsequently looked down at his pants. On top of this, Park Na Rae also came under fire for undressing a plastic male doll on the show and making sexual comments about it.

“He has a gochu (pepper or penis) in his pants.” | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

Upon seeing the Hey Na Rae episodes, many South Korean netizens heavily criticized Park Na Rae, accusing her over “sexual harassment.” Within a day, the comedienne’s agency, JDB Entertainment, issued an apology for the controversy and announced that she would no longer appear on Hey Na Rae.

However, the situation didn’t end there. In late April, it was revealed that the South Korean police would be investigating Park Na Rae due to the complaints of sexual harassment, particularly regarding the incident with the male doll.

| Ilgan Sports

After a probe was submitted to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, the police explained that they would be investigating whether the comedienne’s actions constituted a crime, with JDB Entertainment stating they would comply fully.


Now, the investigation appears to have concluded. In a new statement, Seoul Gangbuk Police Station announced that all charges against Park Na Rae regarding distributing illicit information have now been dropped. “It is difficult to see that Park displayed obscene behavior… Also, the footage cannot be defined as sexually explicit material,” states a police representative.

Source: Yonhap News