Gagwoman Park Na Rae Apologizes For Her Sexual Jokes Made On Air And Withdraws From “Hey Na Rae”

She is deeply reflecting.

Gagwoman Park Na Rae recently came under heat for her overtly sexual jokes and actions made on her web show. The show, Hey Na Rae, airs on YouTube, making it less compliant to the strict ratings of broadcast stations. However, many felt that she had crossed the line.

Her agency JDB Entertainment made a statement on March 25, 2021 that apologized for her actions. They stated that their statement was delayed due to meetings with the producers for the shop and apologized for the late notification.

| Korea Herald

It was explained that during producer meetings for the show, the props, character and jokes were all planned out after discussions and Park Na Rae herself regrets not having thought more about where to draw the line. Park Na Rae will be leaving the show after much discussion with the staff.

The full statement can be read below.

This is Park Na Rae’s agency, JDB Entertainment. Firstly, we wish to apologize for the delay in the official statement. As meetings with the producers ran long, our statement was delayed and for that, we apologize once again.

For the web show, Hey Na Rae, when she heard from the producers the episode plan, character, plots and props, she should have deliberated more over where to draw the line as well as how to express (the jokes). Having failed to do so, she is deeply reflecting over it.

We recognize the issue that viewers may have felt uncomfortable at the video and we bow our heads in apology once again. We have concluded at the end of discussions with the producers that she will be leaving Hey Na Rae. Through this incident, we will carry on in the future with more consideration. We feel the heavy sense of responsibility once again and we convey our deepest apologies for having concerned many people.

— JDB Entertainment

Source: theqoo