Park Na Rae’s Recent Controversy Sparks A Debate About Double Standards In The Korean Entertainment Industry

Did she deserve all the hate?

In light of comedian Park Na Rae‘s recent controversy, a debate amongst netizens has officially been ignited.

Comedian Park Na Rae | SPOTVNEWS

Park Na Rae previously became the center of heavy backlash after she made several sexual jokes and gestures while filming for her YouTube show, Hey Na Rae. The comedian, her entertainment agency and the YouTube channel all stepped forward with their apologies, but the intense scrutiny eventually led to the cancellation of the program.

Still of inappropriate penis joke on “Hey Na Rae” | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

In the middle of the controversy, netizens have begun to express their confusion. They  have been comparing Park Na Rae’s jokes and how she was treated, to the overtly sexual lyrics of Korean male rappers. This sparked a massive debate online between those that believe Park Na Rae was treated unfairly due to double standards, and those that don’t.

There were many online community users who defended the comedian, saying that all male rappers who have said similar things need to be held responsible if she does.

| Nate
  • “That’s exactly what I thought too. Park Na Rae deserves the backlash, but all other male celebrities who have done similar things also need to apologize.”
  • “It’s weird how rappers are always exempt from these things.”

Other netizens also chimed in with their thoughts as well, discussing the odd double standards of the industry, while calling out specific male celebrities.

| Nate
  • “For real. The best example is ‘Black Nut.’ They definitely talk about sexual harassment, but their fans shield their group while the victim, Kitty B has to feel sorry.”
  • “Only females get cancelled.”
  • “Kian84 was definitely worse, but males get protected.”

On the opposing side of the debate, there were numerous netizens who argued that this was not accurate.

| Nate
  • “All you users are starting again…if a rapper were to sit a girl in front of him and sing the lyrics of his song, that would be considered sexual harassment. Park Na Rae was surrounded by men sitting near her when she did the crude gestures, which is why she is receiving so much hate. Please think about the differences before writing anything.”
  • “At least they don’t do it on kids channels…”
  • “If a male celebrity were to have done what Park Na Rae did with a female doll, it would have created an even bigger issue, don’t you think?
  • “Did a rapper took a female doll that was wearing a thong and do inappropriate gestures to it? Or did a rapper show inappropriate gestures while a female was sitting in front of him? What Park Na Rae did was way worse than rappers.”
  • “It wasn’t a show for adults, but a lot of elementary age children could watch it, which is why she is receiving so much hate.”
| The Korea Herald

The debate between the two sides of the argument both brought valid points to the table. While there is most certainly double standards within the entertainment industry, where do boundaries need to be made and just how far is too far?

Source: Nate