Park Seo Joon Secretly Made Donations To The Victims Of Sokcho Fire

He is an angel.

It has been revealed that actor Park Seo Joon secretly made donations for the victims and restoration of the damage caused by the Sokcho wildfire.

Park Seo Joon apparently donated 100M KRW ($87,756 USD) to Hope Bridge under his real name, Park Yong Kyu.


Persons affiliated with the organizations stated that they didn’t know about Park Seo Joon’s donations either until they received the large donation.

He had apparently made the donation without letting anyone know, which is why netizens were even more touched after finding out later through reports.


Park Seo Joon’s agency, Awesome Ent, confirmed his 100M KRW donation and stated that even the agency was not notified of his kind act.

It is true that Park Seo Joon donated 100M KRW under his real name. We have confirmed that he quietly made the donation. The agency also was not aware of this.

ㅡ Awesome Ent


Netizens have been praising the actor for making his generous donation inconspicuously.

  • “Yongkyu oppa, you’re so amazing…”
  • “It seems like he donated under his real name without even telling his agency so word wouldn’t get out. Kind acts like this by celebrities must get out though so other people will follow suit.”
  • “My love Yongkyu.”
  • “Park Seo Joon has an amazing appearance and heart.”
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