Park Soo Hong Announces His Marriage To His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend In A Heartfelt Instagram Post

Congratulations to the couple!

Comedian Park Soo Hong is officially off the market, as he recently shared the exciting news on his cat’s Instagram page. The veteran comedian recently notified all his fans that he registered his marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Park Soo Hong | Dahongerang Entertainment

Sharing a photo of his beloved cat Dahong, the comedian began his lengthy post explaining the regrets he’s had living his life so far, as he looks back on his past.

Park Soo Hong’s cat Dahong | blackcatdahong/Instagram

Hello it’s Park Soo Hong.

Although I am sharing a personal story about myself today, I am writing this because I have something to share with all the people who have shown their support for me.

I have lived a not-so-short life and it was filled with a lot of fear. I lived carefully to ensure that I wouldn’t harm anyone but looking back now, I regret not taking charge of my own life. So while it may be a little late, I decided to gather up the courage to ‘live my life.’

— Park Soo Hong @blackcatdahong/Instagram

The comedian then went into the exciting portion of the post, as he shared the news of his marriage. He also explained why they chose to register the marriage before holding a wedding ceremony.

I became the head of a family today. I registered my marriage with the person that I love. The reason that we decided to register our relationship before a ceremony is because I have found the person I want to share my future with. We have a deep trust in one another and we love each other. There are no other reasons.

— Park Soo Hong @blackcatdahong/Instagram

Park Soo Hong continued the Instagram caption by explaining his past hardships and how those experiences will shape his marriage.

I have endured a lot and have not been able to live independently in the past. I always believed that if I endured through it all on my own, everything would resolve itself. However, I am now realizing that the world does not work in that way.

Which is why now, as the head of the household, as a husband, and as the father of Da Hong (his cat,) I want to live for my family and raise an ordinary family.

— Park Soo Hong @blackcatdahong/Instagram

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

The veteran comedian concluded his heartfelt post by relaying a message towards his wife.

I feel bad because we were unable to have a big and flashy wedding compared to others. However, I do not want to create any hurt due to the foolishness of my personal affairs. I will take charge of my own feelings and try to take more responsibility for the person who has been by my side through all the difficult situations.

The person who became my wife is a non-celebrity and she is an ordinary person. I ask that you refrain from showing her excessive interest or unnecessary speculations.

I won’t ask all of you to congratulate me or to support me. You have already shown me so much encouragement and support. So in an effort to not disappointment everyone, I have decided to instead, show you all a good and beautiful life as the head of the household.

Thank you for reading such a long message. I bow my head in gratitude.

— Park Soo Hong @blackcatdahong/Instagram

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Previously, Park Soo Hong became embroiled in a familial controversy when the comedian confessed that his older brother ran away with 30 years of his life’s savings. Following the news, the comedian’s past interviews began resurfacing, as Park Soo Hong admitted that due to the control of his parents, “[his] life has never been [his] life.” 

Park Soo Hong, who has been a fixed cast member on the variety program My Ugly Duckling has become famously known for being a single man in his 50’s. As the comedian and his mother gained fame for their appearance on the show, it was belatedly revealed that while he had previous women he wanted to wed, he had “given up the woman he wanted to marry due to the intense backlash he received from his family members.”

Park Soo Hong’s family controversy only continued to grow as numerous reports stated that “his family supposedly feared losing access and ownership of the comedian’s finances if he were to have gotten married.”

Park Soo Hong’s older brother (left), mother (middle), sister-in-law (right.)

Due to the former controversy regarding his family, netizens have began to pour out their endless support for Park Soo Hong in light of his recent marriage announcement. The exciting news has been gaining traction on numerous different online communities, as it continues to receive thousands of supportive and congratulatory comments.

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  • “Congrats, congrats. Please be happyㅠㅠ”
  • “Congratulations. Please live well!”
  • “Please be happy!”
  • “What a reliefㅠㅠ be happy.”
  • “I usually don’t care about celebrities getting married or divorced, but I am cheering for Park Soo Hong.”
  • “Congratulations. I hope the three of you live happily 🎉 🎊 🎉 “
  • “I have a feeling his mom didn’t approve of it easily. You suffered enough. Soo Hong-sshi be happy.”
  • “Congratulations.”
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Congratulations to Park Soo Hong and his wife! We wish nothing but happiness for the newlyweds.

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