Park Yoochun Arrives At District Court With Dyed Hair

He changed his hair color to brown this time.

Park Yoochun reported to the Suwon District Court at 1:55 pm on April 26 for questioning that will determine whether or not he will be arrested.


Park Yoochun showed up wearing a suit with his hair dyed a brown color. He remained silent as reporters threw questions at him.


Park Yoochun tested positive for Philopon according to the results from the National Forensic Service, which ultimately fueled the police to file a pre-trial arrest warrant.


Despite the positive drug test, however, Park Yoochun continued to deny drug use and stated through his lawyer that they are currently looking into how Philopon got into his system.


Meanwhile, the judgment of his arrest warrant issuance is expected to be announced later tonight.

Source: Sports Chosun

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