Park Yoochun’s Lawyer Resigns From Park Yoochun’s Case

He is no longer representing Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochun‘s lawyer, Kwon Chang Beom, has notified that he resigned from his position as the legal representative of Park Yoochun in his drug case.

From today, I have completed all of my tasks related to Park Yoochun.

ㅡ Kwon Chang Beom


Kwon Chang Beom also explained Park Yoochun’s current situation.

As reported in the media yesterday, Park Yoochun has admitted to all of his actions and is honestly complying with investigations.

ㅡ Kwon Chang Beom


Kwon Chang Beom has been Park Yoochun’s legal representative for his illegal drug case and has been making statements on behalf of Park Yoochun thus far. From today, he will no longer represent Park Yoochun.


Meanwhile, Park Yoochun has admitted to most of his illegal drug use charges and has even confessed to additional occasions of drug use and purchase.

He has reported to the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency his morning (April 30th) to participate in further police investigations.

Source: Spotv News and Yonhap News

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