Park Yoochun Has Been Sentenced To Probation For His Drug Crimes

His sentence has been announced.

Park Yoochun has avoided jail time and gotten off with probation as it was his first offense and he had confessed to his crimes.

His sentence was announced at his hearing held at 10 am on July 2nd where fans gathered since the previous night to show their support.


The court sentenced Park Yoochun to a 2-year probation with 10 months of imprisonment if he violates any laws within the period, protective supervision and drug treatment, as well as a 1.4 million KRW ($1,200 USD) fine.

(Park Yoochun) is charged with the purchase of 1.5g of Philopon with Hwang Hana and a total of 7 cases of drug administration. He has confessed to his crimes and admitted to all of the facts.

ㅡ Court


The court also announced that the sentence was a result of consideration for his blank criminal record and confessions.

Drug crimes such as these have a serious effect on the society and requires strict punishment. Considering the fact that Philophon was traced in the defendant’s leg hair, it can be seen that he has administrated the drug for a long time. However, he has admitted to his crimes since his arrest, it is his first offence and he has been showing a reflective attitude during his 2-month arrest period. Considering these facts, it is deemed that protective supervision, treatment and probation is the better choice.

ㅡ Court


Meanwhile, Hwang Hana‘s third hearing is scheduled to be held on July 10th.

Source: Ilgan Sports

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