Past Performance Of Lovelyz Is Making Headlines For Member Mijoo’s Professionalism

She smiled through the pain.

A 5-year-old performance of Lovelyz is making headlines because of Mijoo‘s professionalism on stage.

Lovelyz member, Mijoo | Instiz

Back in 2016, Lovelyz performed their song, “Destiny” on KBS2‘s Music Bank, where they showed off their visuals and talent as they normally do. This performance, however, caught the attention of netizens for a slightly different reason than normal.

During this specific performance, member Mijoo can be seen twisting her right ankle on several different occasions. The first noticeable time, the Lovelyz member can be seen looking down and wincing in pain when her ankle snapped at 90 degrees.

Mijoo circled in yellow | KBS2

The second occurrence is when Mijoo was in the center singing her part with a fellow member. During this part, however, her right ankle looks like it has completely given way as it twists once again.

Mijoo circled in yellow | KBS2

After these painful instances, Mijoo can be seen performing the rest of the song with a painful look on her face. At some portions of the performance, the girl group member can be seen with tears in her eyes.

Mijoo in the back left | KBS2

Even though she was in pain, Mijoo did her best to finish the performance well, showing off a bright smile during her time on stage. Her professionalism was applauded by netizens, who gave her all the support and encouragement she deserved.

| KBS2

After this performance, Mijoo was taken to the hospital and shortly after, Woollim Entertainment confirmed that she had suffered a ligament injury in her ankle. They released a statement that she would take a temporary break from her group’s promotional activities for her ankle recovery.

| Lovelyz Encyclopedia

In related news, it was recently confirmed that Mijoo would be rejoining the cast of Sixth Sense for the upcoming second season along with the rest of the original first season members.

Source: Insight and Instiz