Paul Kim Reveals What It’s Like To Be Friends With BTS’s V

He shared a story about their friendship.

During Idol Room, Paul Kim revealed the story of when BTS‘s V asked him to hang out over dinner, which ultimately sparked their close friendship!

Their friendship first started when Paul Kim was feeling lonely as he was surrounded by idols who had their own groups at the awards ceremony. But a ray of light shone through when V took the initiative to approach him first!

I received his help once.

I went to an awards ceremony once and I was alone since everyone was a group. Since I was alone, [V] came up to take care of me.

He told me, ‘Come sit next to me.’ He took the initiative to start up conversations with me first.

— Paul Kim


That same night, they exchanged contact numbers and V soon reached out to hang out over dinner despite his hectic schedules!


V even paid for the dinner that night as he bought Paul a “very delicious meal” of pasta and steak, solidifying their friendship!


Paul Kim and V have been known to be close as they share the same birth name “Kim Taehyung”. V’s caring and sweet personality completely won Paul over, and they’ve even complimented each others’ vocals with covers!


Long live the sweetest friendship of the two Taehyungs!

Source: My Daily