Paul Kim Revealed The Moment He Fell For BTS And Became An ARMY

It all happened quite by accident.

A few days ago, soloist Paul Kim showed the world just how much he loved BTS V’s “Scenery” by releasing a new cover of it, and even more recently he told everyone about his growing friendship with the idol.


V and Paul Kim have actually been fans of one another for some time now and fans love the fact that the two share the same name, Kim Tae Hyung. But fans have especially been loving Paul Kim’s recent appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and what he had to say about his first meeting with V.


During the episode, Yoo Hee Yeol asked Paul Kim about his meetup with BTS at the 2019 Golden Disk Awards as well as asking him about to tell about what really happened when he met V for the first time.

“There’s an article about you and BTS at the Golden Disk awards…two Taehyungs met each other. Can you tell us about it?”

— Yoo Hee Yeol


Paul Kim then revealed that the whole thing had actually been an accident!

“Actually that was an accident. On that day I was sitting alone and he called me to come over. V from BTS called to me to come over and sit next to him.”

— Paul Kim


While the chance meeting was definitely spectacular, the encounter along with their stage at the award show, made him a true ARMY!

“He must have thought I looked lonely. I was actually already attracted to the group at the time and then I fell for them when I saw their stage later on. I am an ARMY now!”

— Paul Kim


His fellow ARMYs are more than happy to welcome Paul Kim to the fandom and think that his and V’s new friendship is the cutest thing ever!


And in case you haven’t heard it yet, here is Paul Kim’s cover of V’s “Scenery”.