“Peak Time” Announces The Winning Team But Some Viewers Claim The Voting Was “Unfair”

Did your favorite group win?

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On February 15, KST, the new JTBC survival show Peak Time, debuted its first two episodes. Over the last couple of months, the show has given groups that were hit hard by the pandemic, had long breaks or frequent member changes, have disbanded or debuted recently the chance to gain attention for their talents.


The groups so far have been evaluated by a panel of industry judges, who then vote on the teams that will remain in the running.

In the very first episodes, judges Super Junior’s KyuhyunGirls’ Generation‘s Tiffany YoungJay ParkHIGHTLIGHT‘s Kikwang (also known as Gikwang), INFINITE‘s Sungkyu, and WINNER‘s Mino (later replaced by MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul), Jaewon Shim, and Ryan Jhun eliminated six teams after a single performance.


Of the twenty-four groups that began the show, only six teams made it to the show’s live finale — 7:00 (MASC), 8:00 (DBK), 11:00 (VANNER), 13:00 (BAE173), 20:00 (M.O.N.T), and 24:00 (B.A.P’s Moon Jongup, Kim Byungjoo, Heedo, and Gon). Each group was assigned a time of the day, and they could only reveal their actual group name during the finale.

7:00 (MASC) | JTBC
8:00 (DBK) | JTBC
11:00 (VANNER) | JTBC
13:00 (BAE173)| JTBC
20:00 (M.O.N.T) | JTBC
24:00 (Heedo, B.A.P’s Moon Jongup, Kim Byungjoo, and Gon) | JTBC

At the end of the live-streamed finale, it was announced that team 11:00 won the show, a true success story for VANNER, who previously revealed they took part-time jobs to continue working as idols.

While all viewers are happy for the idols who have made it this far and the winners, some say the voting was done “unfairly”.

In past episodes, a mix of fan voting and judges’ evaluations decided who would and would not advance. For this finale, it was revealed that the vote would be based strictly on SMS and global voting, both before and during the show.


This voting method would give groups with a more established fanbase an advantage over groups with fewer fans. Some viewers believe this goes against the show’s idea in general, as it began as a way for less popular groups to shine.

What do you think of the results? Congratulations to all participants and the winning team!

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