“Peak Time” Contestant’s Past Photos Shock Netizens, Contradicting His Current Image

“I was impressed because he had talent..can’t believe something like this has come out…”

The new JTBC survival show Peak Time gives opportunities to groups that have been hit hard by the pandemic, had long breaks or frequent member changes, have disbanded or recently debuted, and would like a boost of attention by showcasing their skills.

Because of this, many participants are part of groups that have been on hiatus or disbanded, like B.A.P‘s Moon Jongup.

B.A.P’s Moon Jongup | JTBC

Other groups seek to gain popularity through the show, like VANNER, who admitted to working part-time jobs to continue their dreams.


Another older group that was previously inactive is DGNA (also known as The Boss). Debuting in 2010 with five members, the group were active until 2017, when they seemingly ceased activities.


The group was introduced as the 23:00 team, and consisted of only three members — Karam, Injun, and Jay.  So far, the team has survived eliminations and ranked second in the latest results.

Jay, Karam, and Injun | JTBC

In particular, Karam has caught viewers’ attention, ranking second below fan favorite Moon Jongup in individual voting. The 31-year-old has a somewhat cute image on the show, encouraged by his youthful appearance.

Karam | JTBC

However, a post on a Korean forum recently shocked netizens after exposing many past photos of Karam, giving a completely different image than his current one.

In the post, several photos and tweets about Karam were shared — some showing the idol sitting in a club setting with alcohol alongside other group members, others of the star smoking.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Netizens were most surprised by the photos of Karam partying with women in clubs, including with an ex-girlfriend who was a Japanese adult video (also known as JAV) actress.

| theqoo
| theqoo

While the star is an adult, and these are past photos, netizens still expressed their surprise over the images.

  • “It doesn’t matter because they are a stranger to you…He’s just playing like that I guess..if he was my bias I would have unstanned.”
  • “Honestly…I wish a different team would take their place…”
  • “Wow this is a real dealbreaker…if this was a top idol there would have been a couple thousand comments going crazy about it.”
  • “When I see things like this..it gives me a reality check..I know not all celebrities are like this…but to think that some live like this until they get on TV and act pure and innocent…they aren’t even my bias and I still feel weird about it.”
  • “I was impressed because he had talent..can’t believe something like this has come out…”
Source: theqoo

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