“Am I Interrupting?” VANNER’s TikTok Has Netizens Asking If Two Members Are A Couple

They have confused even fans!

K-Pop boy group and winner of JTBC‘s reality competition show Peak Time VANNER has fans confused after a TikTok was posted.

VANNER (also known as Team 11:00) | JTBC

VANNER members Gon and Ahxian recently shared a TikTok. It began with Ahxian in front of Gon as they posed in front of the camera.

Ahxian (left) and Gon (right)

Ahxian went out of frame briefly before returning to hug Gon, who appeared stunned by the sudden skinship. Before the video ended, the two looked at each other and leaned in as if they were going to kiss.

If that was not suggestive enough, the video was captioned, “VANNER BEST COUPLE,” including a heart emoji. It went viral with 340.4K views and 96.8K likes at the time of writing.


VANNER BEST COUPLE…🖤 VANNER 배너 곤 GON 아시안 Ahxian hugtrend

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – VANNER – VANNER

Netizens, many of which are fans of VANNER, were confused by the TikTok video. Based on the implications, they could not help but wonder if they had missed a few chapters and/or an announcement regarding the relationship between the two members.

| @vanner_official/TikTok

The caption of VANNER’s video included several hashtags, including “#hugtrend.” When you look at other related videos, it’s a couple’s trend on TikTok, often done by a girlfriend with her boyfriend.


❤️ #boyfriend #foryou #couple #newtrend #fyp #fypシ #couplegoals #love #hug

♬ оригинальный звук – 🖤


❤️‍🩹#love #hug #trending #couple #fypシ

♬ оригинальный звук – 🖤

VANNER has been increasingly participating in TikTok trends lately. So, it’s likely this was no different to them than any other trend on the video-sharing app.


아디아디아디로 부산까쥐 접수!😎🕺 VANNER 배너 아디아디아디챌린지

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – VANNER – VANNER


꽃개챌린지 🌸🐾🌸 #VANNER #배너 #혜성 #HYESUNG #FLOWERchallenge


Besides, it used to be even more common in K-Pop for idols to do “fan service,” in which a group’s members would give each other romantic affection. VANNER’s TikTok is mild in comparison to some performances.

SHINee’s Jonghyun (left) and Taemin (right)
Super Junior’s Siwon (left) and Eunhyuk (right)

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