“Penthouse” Actress Choi Ye Bin Will Not Be Taking Legal Action Against Bullying Accuser

The original bullying rumors have been deleted.

Penthouse actress, Choi Ye Bin has decided not to proceed with legal action in regards to her false bullying rumors.

Actress Choi Ye Bin | J Wide Company

In the midst of the bullying allegation surge that has taken South Korea by storm, actress Choi Ye Bin seems to have come out of it somewhat unscathed. She was previously accused of bullying, threatening and ostracizing an alleged former classmate, who posted supposed “proof” onto an online community.

Choi Ye Bin’s agency denied all the accusations that were made about their actress after confirming with acquaintances that the allegations were false. Her agency, J Wide Company stated that they would be taking firm legal action, but it seems that Choi Ye Bin had other plans.

| J Wide Company

It has recently been confirmed that the Penthouse star has decided not to press charges on the accuser who posted the false rumors. The accuser admitted to writing false rumors and also deleted their original post after personally meeting with Choi Ye Bin.

Choi Ye Bin as “Penthouse” character, Ha Eun Byeol | SBS

While Choi Ye Bin has decided to let this one slide, J Wide Company revealed that they will be monitoring more closely to avoid future incidents.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated second season of Penthouse has officially aired. Choi Ye Bin portrays Ha Eun Byeol in the intense SBS drama, which comes out every Friday and Saturday.

Source: Insight
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