“Penthouse” Actress Han Ji Hyun Proves She Could Pass As A K-Pop Idol In New Dance Video

Look at those moves!

Actress Han Ji Hyun is making headlines for her dance moves!

| @hanjiji54/Instagram

The actress was recently captured in a dance practice video dancing to Chungha‘s hit song, “Gotta Go.” Han Ji Hyun, who is making waves for portraying Joo Seok Kyung in the hit SBS drama Penthouse, impressed viewers with her idol-like dance moves. The actress (on the left) shows that she is more than capable of executing sharp, synchronized movements.

Han Ji Hyun really shows off her impressive dance line in this next clip. The attitude, the hip sway, the backwards shuffle, she got it all!

You can’t dance to Chungha’s “Gotta Go” without doing the key dance move! The Penthouse actress gets the choreography right on the nail with her intricate movements, impressing viewers.

With these moves, Han Ji Hyun proved that she’s got both acting and dancing down to a tee. What a multi-talented gal!


In related news, Han Ji Hyun has returned as Joo Seok Kyung in Penthouse 2: War In Life, which viewers can watch every Friday and Saturday.

You can also catch the actress in the full dance video down below!

Source: Insight and WikiTree