“Penthouse” Choi Ye Bin Confesses To Suffering Mental Hardship While Playing The Role Of Ha Eun Byeol

The role couldn’t have been easy.

Penthouse actresses, Choi Ye Bin and Jin Ji Hee recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Lee Yoon’s Young Street where Choi Ye Bin opened up about the aftermath of playing Ha Eun Byeol, who is a young student suffering from mental illness.

“Lee Joon’s Young Street” | SBS

Choi Ye Bin previously gained attention for her dramatic acting while playing the role of a young bully who suffers painful family circumstances of her own which ultimately pushes her over the edge.

And the scenes where she had to harass other characters hit her extra hard.

After filming a scene where I had to harass someone, I just felt really sorry. There were many times when I was miserable because I wasn’t sure if it was okay for a person to treat another person like that.

— Choi Ye Bin

But in particular, fellow actress Ji Jin hee comforted her about the pain she endured from playing a character with mental illness.

Since Ha Eun Byeol is a girl with mental illness, I’m sure you were affected by trying to express that character.

— Ji Jin Hee

Which led Lee Joon to worry.

Didn’t you have a hard time after filming the drama?

— Lee Joon

Luckily, the only other hardship Choi Ye Bin mentioned had to do with her muscles.

Since Eun Byeol was a character who was always tense, my upper back muscles would be in pain after from always being up. I do a lot of back stretching these days.

Let’s hope Choi Ye Bin is taking good care of herself after playing such a difficult role.

Source: Dispatch