“Penthouse” Jin Ji Hee Was The First Child Actress With An Anti-Fan Café — Here’s Her Mature Take On It

She first rose to stardom in 2009 through “High Kick Through The Roof.”

Actress Jin Ji Hee is receiving praise for skillfully transitioning from a bully to a victim of bullying to a good daughter in the record-smashing SBS drama, Penthouse.

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As such, her career as a child actress as well as her past remarks regarding being the first child actress to have an anti-fan café resurfaced.

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Jin Ji Hee rose to stardom through her appearance in the 2009 drama, High Kick Through The Roof.

And she played a character who was rebellious toward her big brother and bullied the character of the fellow actress, Seo Shin Ae.

She played her character so well that there was even an anti-fan café.

But during an interview with Seoul Shinmoon at the time, she expressed her mature thoughts regarding the hate.

My role is to harass Shin Ae Unnie. So I’m just going to work hard at my job.

— Jin Ji Hee

She also shared the advice that her director gave her and made her stance clear.

The director comforted me by saying that we just started a 100 meter race, so I can’t be discouraged or give up yet.

— Jin Ji Hee

Despite having been very young at the time, Jin Ji Hee proved that she was a mature actress who had a clear idea of her priorities.

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With her incredible acting talent added on top, there’s a lot of anticipation for what she’ll accomplish next.

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