Cosmetics Brand Peripera Spotted Using APRIL Naeun’s Advertisements Once More

Does this mean the girls will return soon?

Cosmetics brand Peripera had previously taken down APRIL Naeun‘s advertisements when her group’s outcast controversy with former member Lee Hyunjoo had broken out. Although the investigations have not yet concluded for the two parties’ lawsuits, fans noticed that Peripera had begun to use Naeun’s pictorials for products sold via the retailer Coupang once more.

However, it seemed that her pictorials were only visible when one accesses Coupang via the mobile app. On the computer webpage, Peripera still is using their current non-celebrity beauty model.

Similarly, Peripera has not updated their official homepage with Naeun’s photographs…

…neither have they updated their Instagram page.

This is likely due to the fact that Peripera’s homepage and Instagram page displays the newer releases, while Naeun’s contract with them had ended in the past year. Hence, while her images for their older lines were being used on Coupang, they have yet to update their official pages.

On the other hand, Peripera has not yet restored Naeun’s photos on their Instagram page for past releases. The same line that Naeun previously modelled for, also uses their new beauty model instead of Naeun, on their official homepage.

Peripera’s new beauty model. | Peripera

Even so, fans are excited as they believe that this may signify a return of the members of APRIL soon. APRIL has been off the public radar after their outcasting controversy broke out in early 2021. All updates and past coverage of the matter can be checked out here.