Lee Hyunjoo vs. APRIL's Bullying Allegations

Police Drops All 7 Lawsuits Against Former APRIL’s Lee Hyunjoo Without Charges
They will continue to take strict legal action against malicious comments.
APRIL Chaewon’s Mother Makes Statement About Her Daughter’s Bullying Accusations Made By Former Member Lee Hyunjoo
She stepped up to clarify.
Lee Hyunjoo Reveals Legal Document Denying DSP Media’s Claims Regarding APRIL’s Bullying Controversy
They also issued a warning to DSP Media.
DSP Media Releases Additional Statement About Their Lawsuit Against Former APRIL Hyunjoo’s Brother
They deny all claims.
Police Reveals Why They Rejected DSP Media’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Former April Member Hyunjoo’s Brother
The police judged that the incidents had not strayed too far from the truth.
Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo’s Brother Found Not Guilty Regarding Defamation Charges
They find it difficult to believe he wrote it with malicious intent.
APRIL Releases Part Two Of Their Tell-All Exclusive Interview Regarding Bullying Allegations
The members claimed they thought about attempting suicide due to Hyunjoo.
Fans Discover Inconsistency With Proof Presented In APRIL’s Tell-All Exclusive Interview
They found a discrepancy in evidence.
APRIL Gives An Exclusive Tell-All Interview Regarding Bullying Allegations
“All the members were scared of Hyunjoo. It is impossible that we could have bullied such a person.”
Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo Reveals She Has Been Sued By DSP Media And Asks The Public To Stop Criticizing The APRIL Members
She asked everyone to stop sending them malicious comments.